Has YOUR life been saved by a #beerhelmet?

Have you ever been injured whilst out and NOT wearing one?

Here at #beerhelmet action we would love to know.


Here’s what people are saying around the web:

safety first – ALWAYS wear a helmet if you’re going to drink and walk.

Good plan! If you drink more than three drinks you must wear a helmet.

I now never take my helmet off when I get to the pub, some of my worst injuries have occured inside those places!

“I was just nipping round the corner after a 2, I always wear my helmet when I’m on a session” #devastated

being a drinker myself, I’ve experienced first hand how #beerhelmets save lives.

but they’ve (The Netherlands) the drinking infrastructure, segregated drunk lanes, soft pavements. Drinking here is DANGEROUS

we’ve got to stop this recklessness from being socially acceptable. Its not the 70s any more.

‘Friends don’t let friends drink bare headed’

I don’t always wear a beer helmet, but if my kids are going to drink, I make sure they always do

beer helmets prevent 90% of *all* accidents

in Netherlands ppl don’t wear them, but they don’t have the same drink culture or hills that we do

after surfing downstairs to the toilets on a beer tray I’m so glad I had my #beerhelmet on!


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. utopic says:

    Have you ever heard that “Spain is different”… well, at least our politicians think that way. They think that just by enforcing “beer helmets” to everyone, they won’t have to care about big deadly machines that can get across innocent “drinkers”!

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