Have you ever read an article, where a cyclist is injured?

Chances are you have.

There is a very high possibility, that the journalist who has written the piece has taken the trouble to comment on whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet or not.  If they haven’t then I can imagine, some caring sole has asked in the comments section.

Well why wouldn’t they?

Surely if you’ve got a brain, you would want to wear a helmet right?

Why wouldn’t you?

Well, lets see……

Cycling is a very safe way to get around.  According to Hospital Episode Statistics around 17000 people were treated for cycling related injuries. Now, this is not 17000 cyclists being hit by cars.  Just over 100 hit an animal and nearly 700 hit stationary objects (no giggling there on the back row).

The people that don’t want you to think cycling is safe are often people with a vested interest.  People who would like to sell you helmets for example.  It is told that a sales person for a brand of helmets bemoaned that sales of their product were low in places like Holland. “If only we could make them a bit more scared” they’re rumoured to have said.

But what if cycle helmets save just one person…….

Well lets apply this logic to other dangerous activities.  Like, hmmmm drinking.

Yes Drinking! 



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